The 5 things you should consider when booking your headshot session

by | Apr 21, 2023 | Headshot Sessions

Plan your Best Headshot Session

Planning your headshot session is an exciting process that allows you to create a compelling visual representation of yourself or your brand. To ensure a successful outcome, it’s important to consider various aspects that contribute to the overall look and feel of your headshots. In this blog post, we’ll explore five key factors to keep in mind when planning out your headshot session. From wardrobe choices and background styles to cohesiveness, intended usage, crop ratios, and desired tone, let’s dive in!


Wardrobe and Background Style:

When planning your headshot, consider what you’ll wear and how it will complement the chosen background style. Your outfit should align with your personal or brand image, whether it’s professional, casual, or creative. Opt for colors and styles that highlight your best features and reflect your personality or brand identity. Additionally, the background style should enhance your overall look and create a visual harmony with your wardrobe choices.

Cohesive Yet Different Images

A well-rounded headshot collection includes a variety of images that are cohesive yet different. Think about incorporating different poses, angles, and expressions to showcase your versatility and capture various aspects of your personality or brand. This variety allows you to utilize different images for different purposes, ensuring you have a comprehensive collection that can be used across various platforms.

Consider Intended Usage and Pairing Elements

When planning your headshot session, think about where you will be using these images in your advertising or branding materials. Consider how your headshots will interact with other elements like fonts, graphics, or additional images. Ensure that your headshots align with your brand’s visual identity and can be seamlessly integrated into your marketing collateral, website, or social media platforms.

Crop Ratio for Specific Placement

If you have specific placeholders or image dimensions on your website or other platforms, consider the crop ratio of your headshots. Different platforms may have specific requirements for image dimensions, and it’s important to plan and capture your headshots with those specifications in mind. For example, a banner on a website will be long and narrow, so maybe we want to shoot from further away and with extra space on the left side for future text to go. This ensures that your headshots will fit perfectly into designated areas without any awkward cropping or resizing.

Conveying the Desired Tone

The tone you want to convey through your headshots is crucial in establishing the desired mood and connecting with your target audience. Consider whether you want to portray a light and fun vibe or a confident and professional demeanor. Select colors that align with your desired mood, as different colors evoke different emotions. Warm tones can create a friendly and approachable atmosphere, while cool tones exude professionalism and sophistication.



Planning your headshot session involves careful consideration of various elements to ensure a successful outcome. From wardrobe choices and background styles to cohesive image collection, intended usage, crop ratios, and desired tone, each factor contributes to creating impactful and visually engaging headshots. By taking these considerations into account, you’ll be well-prepared to capture headshots that reflect your personality or brand identity, and effectively convey the desired message to your audience.


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