hello, senior!

I’m so glad you are here

Are you ready for the Senior Portrait Experience your friends have been raving about? Read on for more inspo!

Lake Minnetonka’s Top Senior Photography

Thank you so much for joining me today! This is a chance to go beyond the images you take with your phone. This experience is SO MUCH MORE than that!

Senior year is full of amazing experiences. I want your photography session to be on the top of that list. Let’s dream up a day that you’ll love and creative images you’ll be proud to share!


Building Trust

I get it. Standing in front of a camera lens is scary and uncomfortable. Which is why I take great care to make sure I get to know you. What you love, what you don’t. What you are looking forward this year and what you are passionate about. I’m a goofball, so  it’s important to me that you can be yourself around me too. I do my best to create a safe space to play around and have fun during your session.

Capturing Authenticity

We don’t want your images to look like everyone else, which is why we take time to plan your session weeks beforehand. Together we brainstorm a location, styling, and overall look that represents who you are.

Ensuring Quality

I want you to love your Senior Photos. Which is why I use top of the line professional equipment, lighting, posing teqhniques, and retouching on every image you purchase. Your images are created with care, retouched by hand, printed and mounted on luxury materials, and stored securely so you can rest assured that your investment meets the highest professional standard.


“ So glad I went with Emily!”

I looked at about six different photographers, but after talking with Emily I knew she would be amazing. I was a little nervous about figuring out what to wear and where to go, but Emily had some really great ideas that turned out to look awesome. She listened to my ideas and made recommendations that were solid. She was so much fun, and super positive. I am so glad I went with Emily for my Senior Pictures!


"I still tear up when I see the photos!"

My twins had their session in late August with Emily, and they had such a great time! Even my son, who wasn’t really into the idea of getting photographed, said it was better than expected (and that’s saying a lot!). Emily was really kind and upbeat, and took the time to make sure the details were right. We saw our photos about a week later and I couldn’t believe how beautifully they turned out. I got the iPhone app, and open it just about every day to look at my beautiful family!


"My friends couldn't believe it"

When I posted the first pic on Insta, I got so many comments! I’m in sweats most of the time, but I love to dress up at times too. It was so fun to get my hair and makeup done, I felt like I was being totally pampered! The photos turned out really well too!






Starting at $1280

  • Half Day Session
  • Unlimited outfits
  • Up to 4 Locations
  • 60 Images with the option to purchase more


Starting at $850

  • 2-3 Hour Session
  • Up to 5 Outfits
  • Up to 3 Locations
  • 40 Images with the option to purchase more


Starting at $495

  • 1 Hour Session at the Studio/Outdoors downtown Excelsior
  • Up to 3 Outfits
  • 6 Images with the option to purchase more


Boutique Products

  • Portrait Boxes starting at $820
  • Albums starting at $495
  • Wall Art starting at $300
  • Prints starting at $35


Pro Hair & Makeup is available for the Signature and Classic Sessions, at an additional $150/person.

let’s answer your questions!



Don’t worry, I will give you plenty of tips, tricks and ideas about what you should and should NOT wear for your senior photos! I’ve even created a style guide you’ll get when you sign up that gives practical examples of what works and what doesn’t. We will schedule a planning call several weeks before your session to help decide what to wear!

The good news is that you probably already have some really great options in your closet. But also – if you (like me) are a shopper then this is a wonderful excuse to purchase a few “bucket list” items for your session too!



We are pretty lucky to live in the Twin Cities, where there are so many wonderful locations for senior pictures! My studio in Excelsior is a great place to start or end our session because it’s literally right in the middle of downtown. We are steps from the lake, the Commons, hundreds of cute doorways and brick walls, and just a quick 15 minute drive to at least a dozen parks. But if you’d prefer something different I’m game!

If you have a specific style or location in mind, let’s make it happen. I’ve gone everywhere from Downtown Minneapolis to client’s homes to school tennis courts to the back of a Dairy Queen. That’s the beauty of booking a custom session with me – the world is our oyster!



Every photographer operates a little differently. I’m sure you have questions about how to book, what the cost is, what the timeline looks like, and how soon you’ll recieve your images. 

I’ve put together a whole seperate page to give you all the details. Just scroll down to the next section and fill out your email to unlock the “All Access Insiders Page” where you will get a wealth of information! I’m an open book and try to put as much info as possible on this page!

Hi, I’m Emily!

It is my belief that every single person who comes to me is beautiful and is worthy of being celebrated. No matter your age, size, shape, or how uncomfortable you might feel about it, I will help you shine. Each session with me is a collaborative, creative project where you will feel comfortable and confident being yourself and having fun.

As a mom of two boys in the Minnetonka district, I am experiencing how quickly their childhood is racing by. I can’t believe that in a few short years, we will be right where you are standing today!


Music Major

In high school I never practiced my piano until I took a music theory class my junior year and LOVED it. I was a Music Major at Luther College in Decorah, IA and went on to get a Master’s Degree in Piano Pedagogy (the art of teaching) from Bowling Green State. Before I picked up a camera in 2017, I taught piano lessons for almost 15 years before I picked up a camera!

Dog Lover

My “third child” is our golden retriever Tillie. She is my baby girl and she’s spoiled rotten. I absolutely love dogs, especially when they get to come along and be in a part of the photos too. If you were thinking of asking, the answer will always be “YES, bring the doggie!”

The Tall Lady

Yep, I’m 6 ft tall. Although I have grown to not mind typcially being the tallest lady in the room, trust me it was not fun when I was in high school! This was back in the 90’s before clothing stores had the novel idea of including long inseams in the jean lineup! And Long Tall Sally was NOT a cool store to shop at…