The Ultimate Guide to Booking Headshots for Your Company Staff

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In today’s digital age, having professional headshots for your company staff is essential. Not only do they provide a polished and professional appearance for your employees, but they also contribute to your company’s branding and image. If you’ve been tasked with booking headshots for your company, you might be wondering where to start. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with this ultimate guide to booking headshots for your company staff.

The first step in booking headshots for your company is to find the right photographer. Look for someone who specializes in corporate headshots and has experience working with companies similar to yours. Check their portfolio to ensure they produce high-quality work and can capture the professional look you’re going for.

Once you’ve found a photographer you like, it’s time to schedule the headshot sessions. Coordinate with your employees to find a time that works for everyone, keeping in mind any scheduling constraints or deadlines you may have. Sometimes the scheduling piece can be the biggest hurdle as it’s likely you have staff who work from home, or work in a different area of the country. A company conference or gathering can be a great opportunity to also book in a headshot station. Another option is to have each employee book individually with your photographer we their schedule allows.

Be sure to communicate all the necessary details of headshots to your employees. This includes how much of the body is included (is this just head and shoulders, or will we be seeing pants and shoes?) what to wear, how to prepare, and what to expect during the session. There’s nothing worse than someone showing up in their full scrubs when this was supposed to be a suit situation! Or when everyone else is wearing a dark shirt on the about page except the girl who didn’t get the memo and wore hot pink.

On the day of the headshot session, make sure everything runs smoothly by arriving early and setting up any necessary equipment or props. Provide clear instructions to your employees and make them feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera. When people are relaxed and feel comfortable, it shows in their images.

After the headshot sessions are complete, work with your photographer to review and select the best images. Consider factors such as pose, expression, and background when making your selections. Once you’ve chosen the final images, your photographer can retouch them as needed to ensure they look polished and professional.

Finally, make sure to leverage the headshots across your company’s various marketing channels and platforms. Use them on your website, social media profiles, email signatures, and marketing materials to reinforce your company’s branding and image. By following these steps and booking headshots for your company staff, you’ll help elevate your company’s professional appearance and make a lasting impression on clients, customers, and employees alike.

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