‘Making a photograph is such a personal form of creativity. I can tell you first hand that the images we are creating today will only exponentially increase in value as life goes by. When I was 22, I lost my mom to breast cancer. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever lived through. At 24, my Dad moved out of my childhood home, and pulled up to my apartment one afternoon with six grey tote boxes filled with every loose photo, print, and album that documented my life to that point. In the mess I found about 12 photos of my Mom and I together in the 22 years I was blessed enough to have her in my life. That was it.

Now that I have 2 boys of my own, I make sure we purchase family photos every year, not just for me but for them too. I want them to look at these pictures year after year and know how important our relationship is. How much they are loved. Where they come from and who they are.

This is probably at the root of my “why” behind running this business. I know how busy life gets, and how easy it is to get stuck scrambling to do ‘all the things’. As the Mom it feels like a hassle to put down the 12 bags, scramble to find your phone and try to get some quick snaps. It takes real intention to get photographed, but in 20 years what will you regret more: spending too much time, energy & money on the photos you have or not enough? I truly believe photography is important work. Time doesn’t stop, but the camera allows us to stop time. It’s a gift we can’t take for granted.

Hey there, I´m Emily

One of my favorite quotes comes from Beethoven; “To play a wrong note is insignificant. To play without passion is inexcusable.” I feel I can quote this because in college I played several of his Sonatas, and let me tell you that as a 40-something parent it’s very easy to get caught up in “playing the game of life right” and forgetting to “play with passion.”  

When was the last time you stopped doing all the things you “should” do and did something you wanted simply because you wanted to? That’s what photography can be. It doesn’t have to be the obligatory annual family christmas card photo where Mom is stressed, the kids are going bonkers and Dad checked out an hour before he got there.

What if your next photo session could be the highlight of your season? It can be a day of getting your hair and makeup done, wearing something that makes you feel beautiful, and getting fully pampered…oh and then remembering it every time you see your stunning image on the wall. It can be a moment of creativity, of playing and connecting with loved ones, of trying something new and laughing at yourself if it doesn’t work. It can be something your kids will hold in thier hands a generation from now and remember how absolutely stunning their mother is.