5 Tips for Figuring Out What to Wear at your Photo Shoot

You’re thinking about getting professional photography, hooray for you! Now to start thinking about that daunting task… what should you wear?!

Don’t worry, I’ve got you. In this post we’ll talk about what you need to consider when choosing outfits for a photography session. These tips are the “30,000 foot view” ideas that will help you look and feel great.

TIP #1


Wait a minute Emily, I thought we were talking about what to wear here….not my face.

OK, just hear me out. The entire reason you are going through the effort of getting yourself and/or someone you love photographed is that you want to see what they look like in this place and time on earth. Correct? 

Everything in photography revolves around the face (hands are second). In fact, studies have shown that the face and hands are the first thing our eyes with will search out the instant we view a new photograph, and the first thing we’ll critique when we are deciding how we feel about the image.

It makes sense, then, that we consider the face as the most important part of the image. It will make or break whether you will want to hang that photo on the wall or burn it. 

So, everything we consider in terms of what we wear, what’s in the background, how it’s lit, etc.. is to enhance the appeal of the face. Anything that competes or distracts from the face could skew the image so it feels a little “off”.  We’re not talking about expression here (although I’m sure I’ve got a few blog posts about that), we’re talking more about the overall aesthetic of the image.